Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Need some serious skills

Last week our church had an auction for a mission trip and some of my signs were in the auction.  What struck me as most remarkable was the pictures that were taken of them.   I think Jeff Mackey did the pictures and I am gonna have to schedule a tutorial with him asap!!!  I have got to get better at this.

This painting measures 3 ft, 5 in tall by just under two feet wide. $64.00
Measures 2 ft, 1 in high by 1 ft, 9.5 in wide.  $53.00   

This cream and crimson sign features known Bloomington landmarks. Measures 3 ft, 5 in tall by 18 in wide.       $78.00

Friday, February 8, 2013

Candy Stripe love...my way!

So my husband loves his taxidermy stuff and one thing we agreed to disagree on early on in our marriage was the beauty and value of these things in my home decor.  I will not put a deer head on my living room wall! 
Sorry...it is just not my style and I feel the same way about most sport memorabilia.  This is one reason I love these Indiana signs I have been making.  They are supportive, lovely and easily incorporated into my current style. Hope you love them too!
GO IU!!!!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Friends on the Farm

Had a great day, despite the cold and snow, at Hope's place today.  Sold all my IU subway signs, again, without getting a picture.  These things sell like hotcakes but I promise I will have more available this coming Saturday.   
all of us girlies

one of my very favorite signs of the day!