Friday, August 30, 2013

Happy Labor Day Weekend

My house, it is a cute little place and deserves a little attention now and then.  So this weekend, throwing out the detail brushes, not thinking about cute signs and gonna spend some time on my sweet home. 

Took a few minutes and looked at my house today and had to apologize to this sweet house for the neglect it has tolerated for the last few months.  Dusty floors, dirty windows, but more importantly, the lack of anything creative happening inside it's tiny self.  

But this is it, this is the weekend I make something fun happen.  I am picking a little spot that needs a pick me up.  There are holes in the wall from a much too aggressive DIY decorator (me),
a lack of privacy into a room that guest would appreciate more of it and a general ho-hum, boring-ness to the whole area.

I mean, seriously, 
could i have not done 
something more here?

I am not a gal for blah...take my ity-bitty kitchen for an example.

I love taking a space and giving it a bit of personality, don't you?  And, FYI, this is really my entire kitchen, there is nothing "kitchen-y" behind me.  =)

 The wallpaper is one of my very favorite things! Bought it on-line and it was a close-out clearance, so is was super cheap.

Wait till you see what I have in store...I can't wait to get started.    Hope you find something that you are looking foward to doing this weekend too.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Having so much fun

Who would have thought I could do this for a living, but it is happening and I am having a great time.  Gonna ride this wave while it is rolling.  You can always keep up to date with what I am doing on my facebook page, Little Red Porch.  I post daily with new and old stuff that I am working on, craft shows that I am gonna be at and general customer conversing.  Come on over!

Recently my friend, Johnnie, from  came down to the studio for a how-to tutorial on my signs and things got a little crazy.  In appreciation for all the traffic I decided to do a give-away and it got crazier.

Hope you have got your name in the running!   Can't wait to see who wins.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

This is my friend Deb.  
Today she posted this note on Facebook about this sign that I made her this week.

Things like this make me extremely happy!

"Not the greatest lighting and an iPhone do not do this sign justice. The cream on black looks great against a red wall. Yep. I got the first Little Red Porch "Eucharisteo sign" sign. Thanks, Pam Thompson Voorhies .

I fell in love with this word when I read the book. (You guys know which one.) Being a voracious reader and a bit of a writer, I love the very word itself. I love the sound of it, the rhythm of it, not to mention the meaning of it.

The Greek word and it's derivatives sum up so much. Eucharisteo. Thanksgiving. And at it's base, it's core.... Charis. Grace. Chara. Joy.

Gratitude is *not* just an attitude. (Oh, how I love platitudes. ;-)) It is a practice. It requires action, even if only to actually say the words thank you. (Thank you is a powerful prayer.) And it's something I forget.

Grace. Those who know me very long, or pay much attention, know that God does for me what I cannot do for myself every single day. (Well, more than one thing.) And it's powerful to remember that 'all is grace.' It's all a gift. In Him I live, and move, and have my being. Even down to my very breath, it's all a gift. Grace just blows me away on a regular basis.

Joy. Unspeakable joy. He doesn't just give joy, He IS joy. Deep, abiding joy. As long as I can remember to remember......

1000 gifts? #673: My friend Pam creating art for my home that will help remind me that all is grace, to practice gratitude, to live in joy, and just how immensely I am loved.

Take a seat on the Little Red Porch and tell us....
What's the story behind your sign? Why did you choose your word/verse/names/phrase?"

Thanks Deb for taking the time to share your "sign story".  
Love Ya!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013


Ever need to hit the STOP button.  Am I ever feeling it this week.

We have so much happening in our family this month.   It was my daughters sweet 16th birthday party, and we threw a big-ole party, my niece decided 2 weeks ago to just go ahead and push up her wedding to this Friday,  school starts tomorrow and I have some special orders I can no longer push back. 

Here's what I know...I am tired.  Regardless, I have been fueled by the contacts and positive feedback I have been getting about my signs.  If you contacted me, liked me, visited my facebook page or asked for more information about my little business....THANK YOU!  Also, I have been given some suggestions for quotes and sayings.  It is always fun to work up a new design.  Sometimes I love it right away, sometimes it grows on me and sometimes I just have to revisit the drawing board. 

This is a suggestion from a gal in Mississippi, obviously.  I think I am gonna love it.  I may tweak it a little, but overall I am happy.

This one on the other the saying, love the concept, but I am not loving that word "when".  It will have to change
But let's get real...the "Moon and back" one is yummy!

Added a few color variations for "It Is Well" and "Enjoy the Little Things".  I am loving these and the little ones would be adorable in a nursery or kiddos room.

Overall, despite the crazy month of August, I did make some progress today.