Sunday, July 28, 2013

It Was An "Oh No - But Great" Kind of Day

Saturday morning I got up before the crack of dawn and went to the studio to put the backing on some signs before we headed out to sell our wares at the Orleans Farmers Market.  It was just misting a little outside but  I was still feeling good about our potentially grey day.  I packed up the car, picked up my niece and we headed south.  About five minutes out of Orleans the sky just opened up and we were being pelted by the rain. Not looking so good!  
We arrived, checked in and waited in the car for our spot assignment.  As we waited the winds began to pick up intensity and the rain was in a sideways motion.  So we discussed it...if the Weather Channel shows this nasty weather clearing up by 10 am, we are sticking it out and selling some signs, if not we are outta here.  
The Weather Channel showed that there was a 80% chance of  thunderstorms, high winds and rain until 7pm.  NOT GOOD!
We said so long to Orleans and headed back the way we had come only minutes earlier.
When we got home, this is what it looked like.

We felt lied to and betrayed by The Weather Channel.  And for all you who came out and wondered why we weren't there...we are so sorry!! 
BUT.....On the flip side, this is my little studio above the garage.

This is how I had to access my studio....not so much fun with an armful of signs.  Notice the lack of railing (oh, and the splotchy paint...that is to be rectified at another time).

  Can you say DANGER? 
Aaacck....don't look down.  If I were to trip, I would end up in the canyon of gravel below.

Kenny knew I was bummed about the farmers market so he got busy. 
Out came his handy-dandy tape measurer, some scribbles on some paper and I was told to jump in the truck.  I grabbed my cup of coffee and off  we went to Bender's Lumber, picked up some treated 4 X something's and headed back home. We put our game faces on, all the power tools came out, Kenny's shirt came off and stuff began to happened. 
I love it when this happens.

So my not so great day turned into a highly productiveand great day thanks to my amazing husband and his manly building skills.

Now my journey to the studio should be relatively safe and not require hiking boots. I love him!!!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Lots of time spent in the studio this week. 
I would like to thank Pandora for some serious music motivation and my 4 cup of coffee morning routine for getting me thru the day. 
I have some new  favorites  as well as some fun special orders.
I love it when people entrust me with anniversary and wedding gifts.

25X25  $54.00

It Is Well 16.5X16.5   $44.00

13X13   $34.00


Saturday, July 13, 2013

ummm...what is wrong with me.  It has been February since my last post. 
It doesn't mean I haven't been busy, maybe just too busy to document anything.  Regardless, venturing beyond just my signs and playing around with some furniture and other decorative items. 

Today I  made a huge frame for an old mirror that I bought for 5 dollars from a friend.  Unfortunately after I  had finished everything I broke the mirror.  AHHHH!  I still love the look and will replace the mirror and move it inside (notice the sad crack at the bottom left corner). 
Here's how it went:
1. Took this sweet frame detail off of the existing mirror.  This mirror was old and scratched up and perfect for what I had in mind.  I am gonna hang on to the trim from the original mirror to spruce up some romantic signs I am making for my bedroom.  Notice the fun detail!
2. Gathered reclaimed material from the barn and built me a frame then added an additional layer of trim  around the edges.  I will cover frame building some other time.
3. Sanded and stained the frame.  I love rolling on the stain and then wiping of the excess with a paper towel. My favorite stain is MINWAX / early American.  I use it A LOT!   
4. I then rolled my La Fonda turquoise over the scratched and worn spots on the back of the mirror.  That turquoise looks amazing peeking thru,