Sunday, January 19, 2014

Cabin Fever

Southern Indiana is getting a good amount of snow and it has begun to get old.  Again, I was snowed in for the weekend and so boredom got the best of me and changes had to be made. 
Christmas décor got stored and new things had to be made or pulled out to replace the empty spaces. 

First thing done was the front porch sign. I love the teal and it seems to scream for spring! This was made from a table I found on craigslist. 

I also dug around the studio and found the mirror I had finished a few months ago.  It looks right at home sitting on the quilt rack with my mom's quilt.
After I moved some things around I had a huge space over my stove and at the stairway needing some help.  The stairway needed something large enough to cover all the nail holes I have made over the years...YIKES!
The chalkboard is a huge old window frame I found in my dad's barn.  (I love that guy.)  All I did was measure the window opening's, cut plywood to fit the frames and painted the boards with chalkboard paint.  I love it!

The sign over the stove is just an enamel top from an old farm table that lost it's legs along the way.  I still need to sand and stain it, but I am gonna just enjoy it for now. 
Tonight.....these brownies (our favorite) are on the agenda along with the long awaited Season 3 of Sherlock.    Happy Cabin Fever everyone!

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