Monday, September 2, 2013


It is a miracle!  I set a goal this weekend and it actually got accomplished. 


 First I took off all the existing trim and marked my studs...well, actually my stud helped me find the studs.

And then, with a little help from my saw and air-nail gun, I was off (how about that saw setup)

I used old boards that I found in my dad's barn (I love that place).  I  flipped them around so there was never a consistent pattern or look.  I have to admit, those first few boards I placed had me doubting myself, but the more I got done the more I loved it. 

Finished it up, rehung the trim and, TA-DA, fun spaceat my entry.  Hung a few of my old trucks, rehung the generic IKEA mirror and we are back to business as usual, except now the cute level has been raised.

I have to say, the hubster was pretty hands off with this project with the exception of finding the studs and helping with a trim corner.  If you are pretty handy with a saw and nail gun, this is a very feasible project for a party of 1. 

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